Why your kid wants to read the same book over and over again

It makes so much sense now why my 1 year old son is constantly pulling the same book out of the shelf.

And me? I hate (and it’s not a strong word) to watch the same movie twice. I feel i’m wasting my life 😂 i guess i’ll be the one to loosen up here.

‘Your child’s age affects the rate at which they will learn and remember information from your shared book-reading. Two key principles of memory development are that younger children require longer to encode information than older children, and they forget faster.

For example, one-year olds learn a sequence of new actions twice as fast as six-month olds. And while a 1.5-year old typically remembers a sequence of new actions for two weeks, two-year olds remember for three months.

You might not think storybooks are complicated, but they contain 50% more rare words than prime-time television and even college students’ conversations. When was the last time you used the word giraffe in a conversation with a colleague? Learning all this information takes time.‘



Author: Miss M

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