‘What I’ve learned as a woman working with sex offenders’

Learn & teach

I came across this article, written by a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist for The Guardian, which made me stick to it in an attempt to find valuable lessons about safety. And take with me the right words that I can convey to my son to educate him and bring awareness on this topic.


Despite the vivid revolting details, there are some practical points to transfer to our children:

“Tell me if anyone does something that makes you uncomfortable, or touches you in places that are confusing,” I tell them. “Even if it’s a man you know and like, or trust.” It’s practical – if they are molested it will most likely be by someone they know – but it’s painful. I also use my knowledge (says the same psychologist, author of the article) to help them safely get help, if they need it. I never tell them: “Don’t talk to strangers.” What if they’re lost and they need help? Instead I tell them: “If you get lost, look for a mommy first; if no mommy is around, look for a woman.”

It’s never easy to discuss these matters but it’s never too early. Giving our kids the right tools to deal with life it’s a lifetime parenting goal!


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